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Kaine is a fervent supporter of the Iran nuclear deal, and in March 2015 he was one of the few Democrats who boycotted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus controversial speech. In an interview with the Forward, Kaine criticized Netanyahu and Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer for going along with some in the Republican Party who want to push Democrats out of the relationship with Israel. This earned Kaine the praise of J Street, a pro-peace organization supporting progressive candidates appealing to the left of the Democratic Party. Senator Kaine embodies the vision of principled and effective US leadership embraced by millions of pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans, J Street said in a statement on Friday. Secretary Clintons selection of the Senator to join her ticket speaks to her commitment to the two-state solution and to a diplomacy-first approach to US foreign policy in the Middle East. We applaud her and the Democratic Party for this outstanding choice. But recently, Kaine downplayed the rift between Netanyahu and the Obama administration over the Iran deal. Speaking toJewish Insiderin April, Kaine maintained that while Netanyahu did not see eye-to-eye with the administration on the nuclear deal, current and former Israeli security and intelligence officials agree that the military corporation between the two countries has been stellar and now youre seeing a whole group of Israeli security officials who are willing to publicly say now that the Iranian nuclear deal has given them some breathing room and inspections that will give them some security that Iran wont develop a nuclear weapon, at least for the first fifteen years. Kaine further stressed, There has [only] been one significant disagreement between the president and the prime minister of Israel over the Iran nuclear program. The Republican Jewish Coalition, in a statement released after Clinton announced the selection of Kaine on Twitter, said its further proof Clinton cannot be trusted to keep our country safe. Whether its his vote for the Iran deal, which paves the way to a nuclear-armed Iran, or his proud support of the progressive anti-Israel J Street agenda which earned him their enthusiastic endorsement, Senator Kaine has shown how out of touch he is on the dangers facing our country, said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. In an interview, Halber challenged the critics of Kaines pro-Israel stance. If you go by that standard, you might as well disqualify half of the Congress as unsympathetic to Israel, he said. Thats a barometer that is simply not fair, and, frankly, its wrong. Kaine, Halber said, would actually adhere much closer to what Democrats before Obama have done, which is less daylight between the administrations. article sourceI think he would follow the example of President Bill Clinton and George W.

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selection interview

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selection interview

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