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Also known in the industry as “cultural fit,” likability is a reason many candidates don’t make the final cut—the interviewers either didn’t like them or didn’t believe they would mesh well with current employees. Don’t try to form your whole answer immediately – just try to say one or two sensible things first – in the example above, you could say that first you would examine the dam keeper’s leg to see how bad the injury was. A time where you functioned as a part of a team and what that contribution was. It’s important to quote examples of when you used the skills; it’s not enough to just say you have the skills. Instead, you need to describe why you are the best person for the job. Here’s advice on how to handle an interview while dining. Are there any reference gaps? M.

interview skills

Democrat John Gregg wants to implement a Workshare program, meaning businesses can reduce employee hours during an economic downturn, instead of laying off workers. The reduction in pay would be supplemented by the Unemployment Insurance Program. More than 30 other states have implemented a Workshare program. Gregg also wants to eliminate the 21st Century Research and Technology Fund, instead putting the $40 million to help Indiana-based startups. In exchange to receiving the funds, the companies would have to stay in Indiana, or be forced to give up the money theyve received. Republican Eric Holcomb wants to continue the $1 billion entrepreneurship plan, started by current Gov. Mike Pence. He also wants to grow the Regional Cities Initiative, which gives more than $100 million to cities in north central, northeast and southwest Indiana. Both Holcomb and Gregg support a state-funded pre-K program, something Pence first opposed, then later changed his mind. PREVIOUS | Pence seeks federal pre-K money after first turning it down Holcombs plan focuses on incentivizing workforce training and building skills. webpageGregg has spent a lot of time on education, and wants to divert money from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to create grants for life sciences, agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and advanced logistics.

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interview skills

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